Thursday, June 30, 2011

Repairing your brick walls and need to purchase more of your existing brick?
This can be a daunting task, considering your standard "red brick" could be one of hundreds of red brick available today.

Alabama Brick's experienced service representatives will identify your brick.  They can come to your home or you can bring a few loose brick into one of our 4 central locations.

What if your brick is no longer being manufactured?
No Worries!

Your Alabama Brick service rep will then choose the best possible brick to match to your existing brick.  They will do this based on the following characteristics of the brick:
Size, Texture, Color

Our experienced sales representatives will always do their best to find the best possible match to your brick, HOWEVER, sometimes even the best possible match is just not close enough.  The brick on the panel below have the same texture, same size, same color family, but the coloring is different enough to throw the whole job off.


Don't settle and don't miss the mark.  Use SouthCoate Textured Masonry Coating instead.  Not only will SouthCoate be a great solution to matching brick, but it will also update and refresh the look of your home.  SouthCoate adds character and charm through abounding texture and durable classic color.

Purchase a brick with the same texture as your existing brick and then coat with SouthCoate.

SouthCoate is a paint-like product especially made to coat brick and other masonry work.
_100% acrylic water borne high build elastomeric coating that fills and bridges minor hairline cracks
_SouthCoate's acrylic formula provides a breathable film, allowing moister vapor to escape from the walls 
_SouthCoate's elastomeric base provides flexibility to expand and contract with the movements of the substrate, providing protection against cracking
_Passes Federal Specification TT-C-555B, providing long-term protection against driving rain
_Protects against alternate freezing and thawing
_Excellent resistance to long-term exposure to sun light

 Home Addition:  With the aide of an Alabama Brick Service Rep, these homeowners used a brick with the same texture as their orginal brick, then coated the whole exteior of the home in SouthCoate, color: Chimney Rock.  They also used Eldorado Stone Meseta Field Ledge at the entrance to add texture and complement the SouthCoate color.  

Visit our website to see more SouthCoate color options and product information.  Please visit one of our four locations to see sample colors in person, as colors will appear differently on your computer screen.


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