Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3  Outdoor Spaces: Part 1

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"The basics of outdoor "room" design.  It's a lot like painting a picture.  The fundamental principles an artist applies to creating a dynamic, visually captivating work are the same ones essential to a successful outdoor design plan.  The four elements -- line, color, form, and texture -- when thoughtfully considered during the planning stages, will ultimately lead to your creating a well-designed, thoroughly enjoyable outdoor living area you'll love sharing with family and friends for years to come." -Belgard
From the ground up
Flooring and all things considered... 

Pavers - The aesthetic foundation of your outdoor living space... The beauty and style beneath your feet.  When choosing your pavers, line, color, form, texture, and material are all elements to be considered.

Alabama Brick offers a variety of pavers to fit your style and needs.

Scroll below to see a preview of clay pavers...

 4" x 8" clay pavers can be used to form a variety of different patterns...

With the patterns above one would need to use a 4" x 8" paver with a tight or dry joint and masonry sand sweeped in between the joints.  If modular pavers are being used one would need to install with mortar joints. 

Here is a preview of a few 3 piece  
concrete pavers that we have a limited stock of now...

Natural Flagstone  
is another great option for your outdoor living space.  We offer flagstone in two different tones- blue and buff.

Flagstone offers a natural organic feel to your outside space.

Please visit one of our 4 locations to see samples and colors in person. 

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