Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Check out just one of the stone choices you have to choose from that we have in-stock and on SALE now!!! Lantana Cliffstone.  

Cliffstone is a contemporary and versatile wall stone with refined flat-planed faces and distinctive textural details.  The mix of rectangular and lineal stones offers a selection that is easy to install.  Stones range 1.5" to 5.5" in height and 4" to 22" in length.  Color palettes range from grayed greens, antiqued golds, pewter and browns.

Lantana Cliffstone has been one of our more popular stones with it's clean-lined look and ability to mix well with contemporary schemes as well as rustic schemes.  Plus it is comprised of beautiful neutral tones, so you have the freedom to paint your walls beige today, green tomorrow, and blue next year!  No matter how your style changes Lantana Cliffstone will be a great foundation for your design and for years to come.

One homeowner and her family have been remodeling their finished basement and she came in to the Greystone showroom to find a stone to reface their fireplace.  She loved Lantana Cliffstone because of it's neutral warm pallet. Other elements in the room that will be paired alongside Lantana Cliffstone are slate tile, hardwood flooring, and a wood mantle.  She is also using the stone on a back splash in the space as well.  I spoke with her yesterday and they completed the fireplace and back splash by themselves....her son and husband did the fireplace in just one day!  She helped complete the back splash the next day!  I can not wait to see pictures and will post as soon as I get them!  

More recently I had a gentleman visit the Greystone Showroom who also chose the Lantana Cliffstone for 3 fireplaces he is redoing in his log cabin.  The first time he visited the showroom he knew he loved this particular stone and didn't care to take much of a look at anything else.  He checked out one of the samples I have available and took it to his cabin to make sure that was the right choice.  His biggest desire was for the stone to look authentic and in character with the surroundings and native to the area.  He came back in last week and success!!!  He will also be doing this project himself. 

If you have a project around the house that you've been wanting to tackle, the time is now with Lantana Cliffstone and other great choices on sale!  Come and see me at the Greystone Showroom or visit your nearest Alabama Brick location.  We will be glad to explain how you to can easily install yourself or we can recommend a great installer.

See you soon!

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