Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1       Fireplace... in yo' face!  
              The ABC's of fireplace possibilities.

A makeover for your existing fireplace may be just what your family room needs! 
To those of you that have a fireplace in your home: When you walk into this room what is the first thing you see?  Is it a beautiful architectural feature that you know and love as your fireplace...the fireplace that you love to make the focal point of your room?  The very feature that causes your friends to burn with envy?!

Or is it an outdated  eyesore looming over your space leaving you with a dissatisfied feeling (the large elephant in the room that you would rather cover with a large armoire)?    If you answered yes to this last question, it is time to take back your space!   

We offer beautiful stone and brick veneer options that will fit your style and add a burst of fresh air to your home.  

Some people may assume that adding stone or brick to their interior means rustic and traditional, however, stone or brick can take on a very modern feel just as easily.  What stone or brick will do for your interior is add a distinct element, a core foundation, a sense of strength and even history.  The surrounding elements (including mantle, hearth, colors, decor, furniture, etc.) help to decide the style of your space. 
Browse through some Eldorado inspiration photos to a get a feel  

 Eldorado Stone: Mesquite Cliffstone (ON SALE NOW)

 Eldorado Stone: Orchard Cypress Ridge (ON SALE NOW) 
Check out this video:  


Building a new home? A fireplace is a great timeless element to incorporate and all the while adding resale value to your home. 

We can offer you all the materials needed to build a traditional masonry fireplace and we can offer a great solution for prefabricated fireplaces: FireRock.  The FireRock units have been very popular.  They are easy to install and comparably better than the other pre-fab options available.  FireRock even offers a "See-Through" unit so you can enjoy your fire from two rooms.  They also offer a "Vent-Free" option and much more.  In other words, FireRock can be the solution to your home's fireplace needs. 

Create an outdoor get away centered around the ambiance of an outdoor fireplace.  Insert yourself, family, and friends into the picture below...perfect picture!  Enjoy for years to come. 

We also have products available to allow you to create a complete outdoor kitchen (more to come on this topic later). 

Who's blingin' now?!


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